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Carmela’s approach is truly revolutionary. She puts forth a new paradigm that not only makes sense – it works!
~ Dana Lightman Ph.D

Create a body you love without diets, crazy workouts, magic mantras, pills or potions

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welcome to happy calories don't count®

this is not

the “same old, same old,” tired and rehashed weight loss program, repackaged with a different spin. (In fact, it’s not even a “weight loss” program at all!)

This is an entirely different underlying core model that will literally change your life!

You see, the “problem” is not you! The “problem” is the conventional, cultural “diet and exercise” model. The “diet and exercise” model is the root of the “food crazies” and the body shame and self-esteem issues.
To truly heal and transform, you need to work with a completely different underlying core modelHappy Calories Don’t Count® is that model. You will learn how to find peace and freedom around food AND create a body you love.

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Life Changing!

If you have ever struggled with body image or weight loss/gain/loss...

You HAVE to meet this woman!

Julie Anne Jones

Changed My Life Forever!

For anyone who has ever struggled, truly and painfully struggled with their body...

The teachings of Carmela Ramaglia will set you free.

Ali Jones

You Healed My Spirit & Psyche

You made me look at something that has haunted me for life...

We've all been so conditioned to hate food and our bodies.

Mindy Lee Caron

I Finally Stoppped Judging My Body & Myself!

I feel like a new person!

Phillis Benson

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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

I’m Carmela and trust me when I say I get it. My Ph.D. in body image, weight loss and self-esteem comes from the very prestigious School of Hard Knocks. Everything I teach is original content based on healing my own pain, shame and drama around food, exercise, my body and my weight. I’ve lived the hell and found my way out. And I can help you do the same.

this program is changing my whole life!

I feel more freedom than I’ve ever felt and the guilt and pressure I’ve always felt around food is little by little, day by day, fading, being replaced by how great I feel in my own skin.

I have been walking around for the past 24 hours totally “in touch” and communicating with my body and it’s completely changing the way I experience every single thing in my life!
~ Julie Kick, Author Weathering The Grief Storm

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Carmela's approach is truly revolutionary

I was stuck. I knew from painful years of experience that diets didn’t work. And every alternative weight loss approach I tried left me feeling angry, deprived and frustrated. I thought the problem was me: I had a bad attitude; I needed to try harder.

Then I came upon Happy Calories Don’t Count®, and I had the revelation that the problem wasn’t my failure, it was the failure of the diet and exercise model. 

Carmela’s approach is truly revolutionary. She puts forth a new paradigm that not only makes sense, it works.

Following her five steps, I appreciate my body, enjoy my food, and made it through the holiday season having lost weight. No need for a New Year resolution this time!!!  
~ Dana Lightman, Ph.D. Author Power Optimism

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the best tips from over 20 years in the Pilates Studio to boost results (No Workouts required)

i am so aware of how much I love myself, my body and my life!

I used to think that the biggest challenge keeping me from my weight-loss goals was simply my lifestyle. I’m an empty nester and I work from home as a Virtual Business Manager and Life Strategist and Coach, so it’s easy to fall out of a scheduled meal and workout routine.

But my big “ah-ha” from working with Carmela’s program – and it’s a DOOZY – is that once I stopped JUDGING my body and myself (yup, even a Life Coach goes there…) the weight just fell off – and continues to fall off!

I am so aware of how much I love myself, my body and my life (and all its ups and downs).

I have no cravings and when I do eat something that I used to think is “bad,” I just enjoy it and am good to go!

Lots clicked after I went through your course! It’s a great way to have huge mind-shifts! Thank you Carmela for sharing your story and your breakthrough – you are a “Star” in my life!

~ Phillis Benson

frequently asked questions

A “Happy Calorie” is a concept. “Happy Calories®” is a whimsical expression I coined years ago to describe one’s relationship to food. One long-ago day, after hearing a Pilates client rehash the same negative self-talk over and over again, I finally exclaimed, “Look – it’s not about the chocolate. It’s about your relationship to the chocolate. “Happy Calories” don’t count!” This concept went on to become formalized into my proven, signature 5-Step “Happy Calories Don’t Count®” method. While the traditional, cultural “diet and exercise” model uses calories as a “currency of exchange” between food and exercise (or food and weight gain), Happy Calories® refers specifically to one’s relationship with food. When dealing with the physical movement side of things, I speak of “Happy Exercise®.”

Happy Calories Don’t Count® is not a diet. It is a framework for optimizing weight loss and well-being in a sustainable way. Happy Calories Don’t Count® is an entirely different underlying core model than the conventional, traditional, cultural “diet and exercise” model of weight loss.

This program focuses on healing your relationships with food and exercise, body optimization and on total well-being. That said, by following the 5-Steps of the Happy Calories Don’t Count® approach, clients often experience weight loss as a bonus side effect.

While specific results can never be guaranteed, I have personally experienced – and witnessed in my clients – the amazing transformation this approach facilitates. The method was developed by reverse-engineering the process I discovered from healing my own painful – and life-threatening – issues surrounding food, exercise, my body and my weight. By following the 5 Steps of the Happy Calories Don’t Count® Method, you will find freedom from food and exercise issues, enhance your self-esteem, feel more confident in your body, optimize your physical results, and improve your overall well-being and happiness. And if you need help, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way!

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More powerful success stories!

More powerful success stories!

I had been thin all my life, but ended up gaining a significant amount of weight while dealing with an illness. I tried for years to shed the excess weight but nothing worked. In one afternoon Carmela helped me see how my relationship to my body and my thoughts about food and exercise had changed when I suddenly had weight to lose. The weight started falling off and now I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in over six years!
Linda C.
Carmela, I wanted to thank you and let you know that you have been the final step for me in my journey to freedom from food and weight obsession. It feels like new ground, as I feel like a new person. Thank you!
Rachel Horvath
WOW! I am SO thankful for you teaching me to trust and build a relationship with my body. I feel so much more connected and tuned in with it. It is SO nice that there is nothing to give up! This has been the easiest way I ever lost weight. Thanks a million Carmela for Happy Calories!! It brought back my sanity that I lost with my body image. You’re the best!
A. Milan
I have to say Carmela that this is really the ONLY program that is completely off the diet and exercise teeter-totter, and I have done a LOT of research. It is seriously amazing, so thank you!
Paige H.
Carmela, once again, your ability to make sense of all this and communicate it so clearly is such a blessing…thank you!
Linda Davie
Carmela, I wanted to thank you! I am finally free from food and weight obsession. I have so much more space in my life - the time and energy to do things I enjoy and to be the person I want to be. Thank You!
Meghan M.
I’d just like to thank you for everything: the book, the discovery session, and the one-word lifesaver of a tip. *Chill*. I followed your advice. Sure enough, the weight fell off. I am now free to enjoy my courses and have the confidence to present my work in class. And above all, if I never lose another single pound, I’ve discovered the things that make me *happy* and my head-space is a lot sunnier as a result.
Sheila G.

Carmela’s last name isn’t nearly as scary as it looks. Ramaglia (rah-MAHL-ya). The “g” is silent – it’s Italian. An award-winning author, speaker and wellness coach, Carmela earned her PhD in Personal Transformation with an emphasis on Body Image and Weight Loss from the very prestigious School of Hard Knocks. Her signature “Model of Alignment” and proven 5-Step Happy Calories Don’t Count® method equip women with the mindsets, frameworks and tools to find freedom from food issues and body shame while optimizing physical results. Through her online courses, podcast, and group and private coaching programs, she helps women all across the world find peace and freedom from food while creating a body they love. A Classically trained Certified Pilates Instructor, Carmela continues to see clients in her boutique studio as well as guest teach throughout the country. She is also an actress and commercial print model and has heard in more than one grocery store check out line, “Didn’t I see you on TV?” When not working, Carmela can be found rocking out to ‘80s “Hair Bands,” loving on her fur babies and hanging out with her family. She can be reached at HappyCaloriesDontCount.com